Honda S2000 will get future parts catalogue as heritage model

Honda S2000 will get future parts catalogue as heritage model

Despite rumours, there is no direct successor to the legendary S2000. The car ended production more than a decade ago, but as owners we can attest that spare parts will probably become a worry in the future. Honda still makes parts for the car and the local dealer does a half-decent job of shipping them in on order(see our long-term updates). However, Honda has announced that they will now offer a catalogue of parts for the foreseeable future as well, as it has designated the S2000 as a heritage model.

Honda announced the programme on its Japanese website, but it didn’t mention which components it will make available because it’s not finalised yet. They are asking owner-enthusiasts to help them put together its parts catalogue by reaching out on various social media platforms with a list of the parts they want to see reproduced, the ones that need to remain in production in the future, and the ones that have no aftermarket support.

Honda will take submissions until April 30, according to Motor Trend magazine, and it will publish its S2000 parts catalog the following month. Sales in Japan will begin in June 2020. It is not mentioned if parts will be offered internationally, but we believe local dealers should be able to order them for you.

Heritage models are becoming a viable business for automakers, and not just limited to ancient cars your grandparents drove. Toyota recently announced it will manufacture a small selection of parts for the MK3 and MK4 variants of the Supra (we got rid of our own Toyota Supra MK3 due to the parts issue), Nissan offers parts for the original Skyline GT-R models, and several German brands offer extremely expensive restoration services (hence we also had to let go of our BMW Z3 M Roadster). It’s good to see that our Honda S2000 will have a long life. The car is already climbing in value.

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  1. *gonna risk sounding like an advertisement here*
    For Honda, you can buy parts online and have them shipped to you. I did that a couple of times for my 2012 Accord 2.4, and got a friend to do the same for his 2014 Pilot. The trick is to know the correct part number. However, the websites are normally quite easy to navigate, making it not that hard to find the part number you need.
    The total price with shipping was also quite reasonable. I saved around 3000 riyals for two drive shafts, and my friend around 2000 (can’t remember what part it was for him).
    10 out of 10 would consider buying used Honda because of this.

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