Stellantis apparently cancels SRT division, keeps Chrysler

Stellantis apparently cancels SRT division, keeps Chrysler

A few months ago, PSA and FCA merged to create Stellantis, a conglomerate that now controls a wide array of brands from both groups. Since its creation, Stellantis has been seeing vigorous rearrangements to strengthen its presence around the world. This rearrangement may now lead to the SRT engineering team to be disbanded.

According to the information provided to Mopar Insiders by a Stellantis spokesperson, the Street and Racing Technology (SRT) team has been absorbed into the Stellantis group. This cloud does have a silver lining. This move does not mean that SRT-branded vehicles from Dodge will die, but instead the expertise of the team will now be used across the Stellantis portfolio.

As per the insider, this action will improve the quality of the SRT branded products while the rest of the lineup will benefit from the team’s motorsport and performance experience. That being said, the supercharged Hellcat V8 is on its death bed in favour of future electrification. This was confirmed by Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis in an interview given to CNBC.

The SRT brand will be around even after this shake-up, but the SRT as we know it may soon fade away. It will be interesting to see how the future of electrification alters the course of a brand that was known for its attitude to plonk in a 700+ hp fire-spitting supercharged V8 into almost everything they make.

In other news, Stellantis will be keeping the Chrysler brand alive. Trundling along with only a couple of Pacifica minivan variants and the ancient 300 sedan (with the 300 SRT only available in the Middle East), it is expected that Peugeot-derived models may soon join or replace the line-up.

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