Tata seals deal for Land Rover & Jaguar

Tata seals deal for Land Rover & Jaguar


Ford has pretty much confirmed that they’ve sold their Land Rover and Jaguar divisions as a package deal to Indian carmaker Tata. It is expected that US$ 2 billion will change hands, and the official announcement will be made at the beginning of March during the 2008 Geneva Auto Show.

While British factory workers at Land Rover applauded the deal originally, there are stories going about that Tata intends to shift production of the 4x4s to India.

Also, Tata plans to sell Jaguar off to a third party, since they did not want the ailing brand anyway, but Ford wanted to sell the two nameplates in a package deal. So don’t expect to see the leaping cat on a Nano anytime soon.

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  1. A TATA sumo with Land rover badges? never seen one

  2. Its written tata sumo on the numberplate

  3. lol i cant believe pppl actually trust mash and his photos(hop) 😆

  4. I think only cb and I know Mash’s secrets.

  5. so from now on, are we gon’ hav a TATA Rover and TATuar?? 😆

  6. Nice one Vivek 😀 …..but imagine driving something that looks like a Tata Sumo but has the LandRover’s badge on it :???:…

  7. wot about a SUMO Rover Sport wid a 4.2L Supercharged engine?? 😆

  8. o shit thts it range rover is f– if they start making the range rovers over there the qaulity will be rubish i gotta get rid of patrents HST before resale value decreases

  9. well..if the quality was gon’ be “f-” as u said, lotfi, thn do u think car manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and evn Volvo would set up manufacturing plants in India and risk losing their reputation???

  10. poor lutfi i bet hes still living in the past…doesnt know a thing about the technology advancements in india…still living in a tent in the desert my friend? dont forget to put the camels in the garage at night 😆

  11. hehehehehe..tat was a very nice one Fouad!! 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  12. I think people are getting too worried about this…just because they’re now owned by an Indian company doesn’t mean that we’ll get Indian-produced Jags/Rovers and or rebadged Indian vehicles. Remember who owns Lotus?

  13. man vivek ur indian yeah? and fouad ur india 2 i bet… what desert and what tent…ur paki buddy! PAKI and vivek…what do u mean “oh dat vas a very good one fouad” lotfis right…what technology in india…range rover is gonna b shit just like everything in india!

  14. guys…i believe lofit is right…range rover will b rubish…and fouad…its ok u dnt have to feel sorry for lofi…but i feel sorry for u…not understanding anythig…probably to do with the fact that ur indian but who knows.. anyway range rover is over…

  15. i agree with lotfi…and i think fouad is over eetimating indian’s technology…i think range rover is gonna be rubish…fouad do u have a range rover?

  16. What technology? They only have some of the most prestigious universities in the world, that end up producing some of top engineers and scientists in the world which end up working in some of the world’s biggest companies.

  17. looks like u guys r still living the medival times…dudes…56% of the scientists in NASA are from India…companies like Mercedes, BMW, etc source a lot of parts…including performance parts, software and axles from India…BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc. already have factories in India…havent ever heard a car being produced in the Middle East…probably coz u need to have some brains for that…have u ever heard about a decent university…no wonder i had a lot of arabic frends in college with me…atleast they were smart enough to know what u guys dont…he he he…and guys get mature…i mean wats wrong in accepting something that someone else has got and u dont have…and ya BOB i dont drive a range…i got a Jag S type…and thats also owned by an indian…and ya…im proud to say that…wonder if in the next 100 years theres gonna b a car made in the Middle East…wanna bet???

  18. BOB hope u wud start reading the news sometimes…just wondering…ever been to college? u do sound a bit on the ignorant side…o ya almost forgot…we also send satellites to space…did u know that the communication satellites used in the middle east…most are put into orbit by indian rockets…made in india…well u shud b lucky u got internet access wer u r…or u wud still b using birds to pass messages… 😆

  19. the uae has already manufactured a car….if u can call it a car rofl 😆

  20. guys…if ur still pissed off with tata buying land rover / jag just go n outbid em…i hav a feeling they mite sell if u offer anything above US $ 5 b…but then again the problem is u need to hav experience making cars…man! that difficult…so i guess no camel qualifies 😆

  21. Also, Tata is one of the world’s largest steel manufacturers and suppliers…I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of cars sold today have at least some Tata in them already.

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